Monday, December 2, 2013

Learn About Property Information Report Before You Invest

If you are planning to buy a new house, or to sell an old one; it never harms to know about a few details from your real estate agent; and being aware of factors like property information report or mortgage etc. will help you to make an informed decision regarding your house. Property reports can help you maximize your savings by spending less on the house that you want to buy.

Buying a house today is no more about simply comfortable living - it is an investment in itself. Apart from being a change in the place you stay and reflecting a change in your lifestyle, the kind of house you invest in may also help you make a profit in the future if you intend to sell it. That is why these reports are so important - they help you make the right investment decision. The report tells you about the sales history of a neighborhood. It tells you why certain suburbs are always highly priced whereas others are not; and it tells you what kind of prices you can expect for your property. So whether you are a buyer or a seller - this report provides you with crucial information. As a buyer, it helps you determine the price of a particular property so that you do not follow your real estate agent blindly. And if selling a property is your intention then it saves you from the pitfalls of overvaluing or undervaluing your house thereby either losing potential buyers or giving in for too less. However to make sure that you take the right decision based on a property report, it is mandatory that you choose a qualified organization to do the job for you. Since the real estate market is highly volatile in nature, only detailed and comprehensive reports can help you get the best of the lot.

But houses are not valued by individuals alone - companies are also in this business. Just as individuals use the property report, brokers and mortgage companies use the broker price opinion to value a property. However, a BPO is used only sparingly and not for all situations. Cases where a broker feels that the time and money that is required for appraisal is going to create a delay, he uses a BPO. However, cost and delays are not the only factors; brokers also use BPO for a situation of refinance. When the real estate market is at its peak, a lender might have many loans given out. And in case there is a house which has been put on mortgage recently, chances are that a full appraisal has already been performed for the house. In such situations, BPOs are the easy way out.

So irrespective of the fact that you are a buyer or seller; having classified information about property report and knowledge of the BPO of a house is beneficial to you.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Importance of Using Competent Appraisal Management Services

Property lenders, brokers, and buyers in the real estate business cannot manage without the services of qualified appraisal management services in their areas. Appraisers consider a number of factors, such as the condition and age of a property, market conditions as well as local infrastructure or changes in zoning rules to determine the value of a property. You need to make certain that you obtain accurate appraisals on all real estate properties that you have a stake in so that you manage your risks. In the current economic situation, it is imperative that you protect yourself from the risk of loss.

As a rule, you should only work with appraisal management companies that are reliable and competent. In addition to that, a professional appraisal company should offer you its services at a reasonable cost; a cost that is justified by the value that you receive. Appraisers typically oversee the entire process, all the way from the initial bid for the property. They also handle the technical appraisal reviews and will provide you with the final results when the process comes to an end.

It is advisable to work with a company that has been in business for a long time; such a company is most likely to offer the best quality of appraisal services. Reputable companies work hard to build a good name in the market; therefore, they will do their level best to offer you the best service in order to maintain a good relationship with the market. You can check with the Better Business Bureau and find out if previous clients have made any complaints about the appraisal company. As a note, you should also verify that the appraisers you are considering have been issued with a license from the state the property in question is located in.

A professional appraisal company will typically hire a competent team of well trained appraisers. This will ensure that they provide appraisal services that are not just accurate, but are also legal and above board. Naturally, cost is a major consideration to make when choosing the most suitable appraisal service. You can search the Internet for appraisal companies in your area and, thereafter, read through their websites to determine if they offer the services that you require and the cost at which they offer those services. The question is not how cheap the appraisal services are; the question is whether the quality of service that they provide justifies the cost. If it does, then you should make the investment.

Another good source of information on appraisal services is referrals from individuals who have received these services in the past. You can obtain recommendations from former business associates, colleagues or even friends and family who have used appraisers to obtain the correct valuations of their properties. It is always a good idea to get an independent third party to perform property appraisal, as opposed to using someone volunteered by the other party in the transaction. Moreover you want to pay more only if it means obtaining trustworthy results.


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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why use an appraisal management company?

Appraiser Independence:
The Dodd-frank act and the interagency appraisal and evaluation guidelines demand that the collateral valuation process be isolated from the loan production process.

Even the small or rural ban k exception will not protect of appraiser independence unless they are able to demonstrate clearly that they have prudent safeguards t isolate their collateral valuation program from influence or interference from the loan production process.

An appraisal management company can acts as the firewall separating the collateral valuation program from influence or interference from the loan production process.

Failure to demonstrate clearly that it has those safeguards in place to the satisfaction of the institution’s regulator will be considered a violation of the appraiser independence requirements mandated by the Dodd-frank Act.

What the penalties for violations of appraiser independence are as defined under the Dodd-frank Act?
Anyone who violates the appraiser independence requirements under the Dodd-frank Act could be subject to pay a civil penalty of up to $10,000 for each any such violation continues.

Why use lenders Allies:
In addition to separating the collateral valuation program from the production process lenders allies provides other value added services.

Appraiser independence goes beyond just separating the collateral valuation program from the production process, it also includes compensating fee appraisers at a rate is customary and reasonable for appraisal services performed being appraised.
How do you know that the appraiser who prepared your appraisal reports were paid a customary and reasonable fee?
With every invoice that lenders allies provides to its clients, the client will see the fee paid to the appraiser and the fee lenders allies earns appraisal report.  This transparency’s your assurance of compliance under the Dodd-frank Act.

Vendor Management:
Lenders allies can manage you appraisal panel or you can use lenders allies’ panel of experienced appraisers.  Instead of spending time to update and maintain vendor license status and errors and omissions insurance, lender allies can manage this for you. Lenders allies can also provide you with performance reports on your vendors.

Assigning Orders:
By allowing lenders allies to manage the order assignment, you are supporting appraiser independence by completely removing that function from your loan originating process. Lenders allies has several auto assignment scheme to choose from , including assigning by best turn time, proximity, ranking or client data last assigned.

Processing orders:
Following up on orders can be time consuming. Lenders allies will not orders to make sure they are completed on time, lenders allies will keep you informed every step of the way. You can track your orders online and you can receive email every time there is a change in status for each update you select:
·         Order is pending credit card approval
·         Order was assigned
·         Property inspection has been scheduled
·         Property has been inspected
·         Order was accepted by the vendor
·         A change in fee has been requested
·         Order is pending Cancellation
·         Order has been placed on hold
·         Free change approved by client
·         FHA case Number Requested
·         FHA case Number Received
·         The order is in progress
·         The order is in review
·         Report Delivered to
·         Client

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